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SJZ Boombox

June 2015–ongoing
A flexible venue that brings live music to the streets.

Live music programming
anywhere, anytime

San Jose Jazz has been active as a presenter for more than 30 years, but we've never had our own venue. The solution? We converted a donated delivery truck into distinctive rolling music hall with a 16' X 14' retractable stage and professional sound and lighting. Modeled after Harlem’s Jazz mobile initiative, the SJZ Boombox Truck furthers our mission to bring music education and world-class performance directly to the community, extending SJZ's reach to encompass the greater Bay Area. It's also allowed us to create partnerships with a diverse group of organizations by providing stage infrastructure and curation at low cost.

As we’ve seen with our Progressions program, exposure to music and the arts can educate and inspire those who may not have had the chance to experience it otherwise. With the power to present great live music virtually anywhere, the SJZ Boombox Truck offers a flexible new venue where we can share the rich cultural legacy of jazz.

The SJZ Boombox Truck has been realized thanks to generous funding from Rotary Club of San Jose, SV Creates and the California Arts Council. Special thanks to History San Jose.

Bring the SJZ Boombox Truck
to your next event

Once social distancing guidelines are relaxed, the SJZ Boombox Truck will be back on the road. Booking the Boombox provides you with an all-inclusive solution to ensure your event is a hit! All we need is access to power, and we’ll take it from there. Not sure who to present? With our extensive network of musicians we can provide the perfect act, and our list of partners can provide additional activation as needed. We’re also able to help spread the word through SJZ’s social marketing channels.

For more information, please download the PDF below:

Program contact:
Scott Fulton
408 288-7557 x2335


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Supervisor Cindy Chavez SCC District 2
Sponsored by Gordon Biersch Brewery
Sponsored by Knight Foundation
Sponsored by Rotary Club of San Jose
Supervisor Cindy Chavez SCC District 2
Sponsored by City of San Jose Dep't of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services
Sponsored by City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs
Sponsored by San Jose Downtown Association
Sponsored by Urban Community

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