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We believe in music education

We offer three main programs that provide the important benefits of music to students from grades 2–12

The benefits of music go far beyond the applause

Here in Silicon Valley, education is especially important for success. We believe music is critical to the kind of well-rounded education that is required in the 21st century. Music education has been shown to enhance aptitude in mathematics and English, and encourages important skills of concentration and perseverance. It gives students experience working with others to accomplish something they couldn’t achieve on their own. It also builds creative problem-solving skills that are an essential companion to academics.


We offer three main programs that work in tandem to provide the benefits of music to students during their whole scholastic journey from grades 2–12.

We can’t do it without you!

San Jose Jazz is only able to do our important education work with the support of people like you. Please consider a donation now to help ensure access for everyone to the benefits of music.

Looking Ahead

San Jose Jazz programs seek to serve the ever-evolving needs of Silicon Valley’s residents, so we are always experimenting with new ideas. In the last few years we have experimented with adult ensembles, film screenings and lectures. Have an idea? Run it by us.

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