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Dr. Aaron Lington interviewed on The Kamla Show

November 6, 2014

Dr. Aaron Lington never set a life goal to win a Grammy® Award. The San Jose Jazz High School All Stars Director and Coordinator of Jazz Studies at San Jose State University simply focuses on immersing himself in his music as fully as possible. In a recent interview with Kamla Bhatt on The Kamla Show, Lington shares the secrets behind the 2014 Grammy® win of Pacific Mambo Orchestra, a group Lington performs with and composes …

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Notes from the Classroom (and Beyond)

September 24, 2014

Progressions Director Julie Rinard periodically shares her student interactions with us, as part of the San Jose Jazz blog. In this update, she summarizes the vision behind Progressions, and shares the newly-kindled musical interest of one of her new students, Francisco. Many of the kids we work with come from unspeakably grim home environments and have shared difficult life stories that most of us would not allow ourselves to fully imagine. Amidst these challenges, many …

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Eye on the Scene: Ren Geisick

May 14, 2014

Photo Credit: Carrillo + Decoux For our periodic blog series Eye on the Scene, we take a closer look at some of the local artists helping make an impact on our jazz community. Our newest addition: Ren Geisick, a powerful vocal presence who is using her jazz chops to illuminate songs from a number of styles in fascinating ways. As she mentions in her interview, emotion is at the core of her work. It shows in her …

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