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(Winter) Fest Five: Amy Anderson

March 4, 2015

You can catch Amy Anderson soaking up live music three or more nights a week–supporting local musicians and the scene is one of her main passions.  Amy has been actively working to enliven downtown San Jose for over a decade as events and promotions manager for the San Jose Downtown Association.  She currently sits on the newly-formed Fountain Blues Foundation Board, working to make sure the long-running Fountain Blues Festival remains a part of the …

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(Winter) Fest Five: Ross McMahon

February 24, 2015

Though he’s a newcomer to SJZ’s Board, Ross McMahon has always been involved in the arts, first as an Irish step dancer and later as an ice skater, competing in both disciplines at the national level. He played guitar in bands throughout the bay area while getting his bachelor of arts in American Literature at Santa Clara University, volunteered at campus radio station KSCU and then later, while attending Tulane Law School, at WTUL New Orleans. Ross …

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(Winter) Fest Five: Dandiggity

February 19, 2015

A cultural connoisseur and proud San Jose native, Danny “Dandiggity” Le is a constant collaborator in the art scene here at home and abroad. He is a curator of ideas, a poet, and has been dubbed “The Mayor” by his contemporaries for his involvement in the many different scenes that make up the Bay Area’s creative community. He is a co-owner of PLSTK, a design and consulting agency that specializes in creative solutions for clients …

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