SJZ Boombox Truck - San Jose Jazz

SJZ Boombox Truck

About the SJZ Boombox Truck

With our newest initiative, San Jose Jazz takes its high-quality music programming to the streets!

Modeled after Harlem’s Jazzmobile initiative, the SJZ Boombox Truck delivers an all-in-one live music experience. The project furthers our mission to bring music education and world-class performance to the community, extending SJZ’s reach not just around San Jose but throughout the greater Bay Area.

As we’ve seen with our Progressions program, exposure to music and the arts can educate and inspire those who may not have had the chance to experience it otherwise. With the power to present great live music virtually anywhere, the SJZ Boombox Truck offers a flexible new venue where we can share the rich cultural legacy of jazz.

See where the Boombox is rolling to next with our lineup of free music events all over the Bay Area.

Book an Exciting All-In-One Mobile Music Experience

The SJZ Boombox Truck can provide you an all-inclusive solution to ensure your event is a hit! All we need is access to power, and we’ll take it from there.

The SJZ Boombox Truck contains a 16’ x 14’ retractable stage with 7000-watt sound, pro lighting, with cool exterior graphics hand-painted by an artist working out of Empire Seven Studios.

Not sure who to present? Our curating skills and extensive network of musicians will pair the right act with your event, and our list of vendors and partners can provide additional activation as needed. We’re also able to help spread the word through SJZ’s social marketing channels.

To book the Boombox for an upcoming event, contact Scott Fulton or 626.616.8208.