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Live From Home
Thu, Dec 3
7pm showtime (Pacific)

Performing in the spotlight in Hawaii since she first joined Don Ho on stage at age 13, Taimane has carved out a robust career by committing to her vision of creating an original sound and style with her instrument of choice, the ukulele.

From Bach to rock, flamenco infernos to tribal hymns, Taimane Gardner takes her ukulele above and beyond boundaries. Like her birthstone (Taimane means diamond in Samoan, the heritage of her mother), she radiates light, illuminating music’s ability to unite people and cultures.

Whether delicately finger-picking through Bach or radically ripping through Led Zeppelin, Taimane has the ability to morph genres—from classical to rock to flamenco—and stretch her instrument far beyond the familiar melodies of Hawaii, where she grew up and still lives.

When the legendary Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho caught wind of the talented teen, he invited her to join him as part of his venerable variety show at the Waikiki Beachcomber, further fueling Taimane’s desire to perform for and connect with audiences.

In addition to performing her own distinctive versions of well-known pieces, Taimane weaves in original compositions that are as far-ranging as her musical tastes. With the fierceness of a rocker, and the grace of a dancer, Taimane and her music are wowing ever-larger audiences. She lights up rooms wherever she goes, sparkling like the diamond that she is.

Pandemic-related cancellations have decimated the incomes of great artists like Taimane. Please give what you can–on show day, she’ll receive 100% of donations made  to paypal.me/sanjosejazz.



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Taimane - ukulele

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Conceived as an immediate response to widespread Covid-19 closures, Live From Home launched in March 2020, with twice-weekly live-streamed performances by local and national artists.

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