Pachex, Opened by the SJZ U19s - San Jose Jazz

Pachex, Opened by the SJZ U19s

Fri, Jun 7
6pm SJZ U19s, 8pm showtime (Pacific)
Free Admission / SJZ Break Room

Drawing influences from Alternative R&B, Electronic, and Reggae music, Pachex's aural landscape weaves together genres to create an engaging musical atmosphere. Born out of a love of dissecting various production styles, Pachex seeks innovation while crafting an electric sound. Pachex is from Santa Ana, CA and began producing in 2017. He worked his way to developing his production style and sound selection in order to complete his debut EP, "Nocturnal." This record was created in the span of six months entirely in his kitchen by himself. Pachex’s creative window was between 11 pm to 4 am, generating the title Nocturnal. For his debut EP, he wanted to create a body of work that encapsulated his range as a producer.

But it's not just about Pachex himself; his musicians play an integral role in elevating the overall experience during live performances. Each member of his band brings their own unique flair and expertise to the table, adding depth to Pachex's compositions. Through seamless collaboration and tight musical cohesion, they create a dynamic fusion that enhances the emotional impact of the music. As they navigate their musical journey, Pachex remains dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to Alternative R&B.

Opening the evening at 6pm, the SJZ High School All Stars U19s is the small combo culled from the High School All Stars big band, a regional, audition-based music education program for students who are interested in the study and performance of jazz. The program is designed to help students achieve a mastery of improvisation techniques while advancing their knowledge of music theory, arranging, composition, performance, and jazz history.



Electronic, R&B

SJZ Break Room

Our popup venue and video recording studio that we've developed in our offices at 310 S. First (map) at San Carlos in San Jose’s SoFA District. The technology of the space is first-class with marvelous sound, lighting and video, and all the action is projection-mapped to a 35′ X 14′ bank of windows, providing the show free to the public and enlivening downtown street life.

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