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Diridon Experience Workshop

Thu, Dec 10
6pm showtime (Pacific)

Join us for an interactive, hands-on virtual workshop to develop a vision for public spaces in the development of downtown San Jose’s Diridon Station Area. Using everyday household objects, you’ll tap into memories and creativity to design public spaces that are welcoming and accessible.

Diridon Station is poised to become the largest transit center on the West Coast, bringing thousands of workers, residents and visitors to the area every day. In addition, Google’s proposed mixed-use development and other future projects under the Diridon Station Area Plan will transform downtown San Jose’s west side and create new spaces for people to hang out, play, and enjoy the outdoors.

This fun workshop will give community members the opportunity to examine the role of the Diridon Station Area’s public spaces—how they should function and how they should make us feel—by creating visual representations of memories and the built environment using everyday objects. Through sharing our ideas, we’ll find common values and discover the sights and sounds that can make the Diridon Station Area a place that welcomes and serves everyone. The input will be shared with City of San Jose staff to consider as they review projects and work on plans for the area.

Workshop facilitator James Rojas is an urban planner, community activist, artist and creator of Place It!, his innovative public engagement and community visioning method that uses art making as its medium. He has facilitated workshops from MIT to the streets of East Los Angeles.

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James Rojas - facilitator


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