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O.F.N.I. Trio

Featuring double  bassist Pablo M. Caminero, pianist Moisés  P. Sánchez and drummer Borja Barrueta, the O.F.N.I. Trio builds a jazz sensibility from Flamenco bases and patterns. All three give shape a compact ensemble in which all the musicians contribute and create on Caminero’s compositions. They convey high sensitivity and musical quality both as soloists and as a band. In this way, the group thoughtfully merges the musical worlds of jazz and flamenco.

Double bassist Pablo M. Caminero was born in the Spanish city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1974. He completed his studies in Classical Double Bass at the Superior School of Music of Vienna in 1999. After completing his education, he moved to Madrid where he began his career as a performer, composer and producer.

The diversity of musical styles he handles has led him to collaborate with artists and projects of different genres, including Ultra High Flamenco, Abe Rabade Trio, Jorge Pardo, Gerardo Nuñez, and a long list of Flamenco, jazz, classical and baroque music projects. At the same time, this versatility has led him to compose music for films and advertising campaigns since 2006.

Caminero has released four albums on the BOST label: Domestica (2005), El Caminero (2011), O.F.N.I (2014), and Salto al Vacio (2016). With his quintet (sometimes adapted to a quartet or trio) Caminero develops a repertoire of his own songs to convey his musical vision based on two closely linked pillars: jazz and flamenco.

O.F.N.I. (Objecto Flamenco No Identificado) was Caminero’s debut as a composer for a jazz flamenco quintet. In this third recording, everything pays more attention to the double bass as a connecting element in the band. Though jazz in form related to repertoire and improvisation, the compositions brings Flamenco language closer to the trio’s musical dialogue.


Pablo M. Caminero, double bass
Moisés  P. Sánchez, piano
Borja Barrueta, drums

Special Thanks

Pablo Caminero and the O.F.N.I. Trio are presented by SPAIN arts & culture.