The Mark Arroyo Trio @ Taylor Street Night Market

The SJZ Boom Box rolls out to Taylor Street Night Market, presented by Gordon Biersch Brewing Company and Moveable Feast, with headlining group The Mark Arroyo Trio. Every Thursday night from 5-9pm, enjoy street cuisine, live music, makers and breweries coming together in the beautiful Japantown neighborhood.

Guitarist Mark Arroyo mixes his love of jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop, and electronica together to create a sound that’s both foreign and familiar. Aided by the lyrical style of bassist Fred Paclibon and the varied textures of drummer Kristian Buenconsejo, the group is grounded in a contemplative, intimate sound that is the trio’s emotional signature. The Mark Arroyo Trio highlights Arroyo’s own compositions alongside re-worked modern rock classics, all while bridging the gap between audiences of modern jazz and the indie underground.

As writer David Ma (Wax Poetics, Ego Trip) observed, “Arroyo’s instrumental arrangements have more narrative than his lyrical counterparts; in-the-pocket drums coupled with washes of melody underscore his many compositions. His troupe’s performances include Radiohead covers with elements of cinematic soul, neatly splicing both their musical chops and stage presence into a complete live package.”

Free Event


Mark Arroyo – guitar
Fred Paclibon – bass
Kristian Buenconsejo – drums

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