Videos - San Jose Jazz


During our 2019 Gala Fundraiser, our music education program, Progressions, was highlighted during the Fund the Need portion of the evening as all donations for this portion were allotted to providing students who graduate out of the Progressions program to be given an instrument of their own to keep. Take a listen to this video summary of the Progressions program and how San Jose Jazz is impacting the local community through music education.


For our two most recent Summer Fests, we teamed up with the UK’s to use the latest technology to capture the excitement and essence of nine of the performances presented in the British Airline’s Music Lounge over Fest weekend. Filmed in both full HD and Virtual Reality—with audio captured by Sennheiser—these tapings are a glorious opportunity to see how a moment in time is recorded and delivered to the world as a dynamic, faithful reproduction of a performance.

Enjoy Tiffany Austin’s live performances of three songs selected from her latest album, Unbroken.