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SJZ Collective
Takes Asia By Storm

By: SJZ Staff

October 16, 2020

The SJZ Collective just returned from a whirlwind tour of Asia. On this second outing the SJZ Collective performed in Japan, Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou) and Taiwan. During their first tour, the group presented their debut project that celebrated the works of Thelonius Monk, in celebration the centennial of his birth.

This year the group added fresh takes on the seminal works of Mingus to the set list. Drummer Wally Schnalle recounted the excitement in the room each time the Collective performed. "The audience really contributed to the great vibe of this place! They were so attentive to every note and stayed late into the evening on a weekday night, exuberantly reacting to our music. This audience, just like at the previous two gigs, demanded an encore having us play over the allotted time."

One of the highlights from their tour was their highly-anticipated performance at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival. All About Jazz praised the Collective's ability to approach vintage material as the jumping off point for electrifying arrangements that feel both fresh and familiar." They look forward to more dynamic performances like this from the Collective saying the group showcases "new-old jazz of the highest caliber, and one prays more gold is bottled soon (perhaps a Mingus album is next?)."

Want to read more about their tour?

See our previous blog post where Schnalle recapped each leg of their journey.

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